Jim is a FANTASTIC speaker, with an amazing stage presence and everyone LOVED him!!!!! Thank you, Jim!
Jim’s keynote at our event Open Banking Expo was inspired! The audience were gripped; his content was on point and it provoked a real sense of thought for how not only the future of banking, but how daily life, might look. Thanks Jim, we were thrilled and would recommend you to any event organiser looking to innovate and provide a unique experience for their delegates.
"It’s remarkable how Jim manages to bring deep insights from extensive information he has on digitalization in banking and trends to practical recommendations and strategic advice which can be implemented straight away. I had the pleasure of inviting Jim to an event focused on discovering innovative ways of banking and he thoroughly engaged the audience with his keynote presentation. I was particularly impressed by Jim’s vocation to promote the need to disrupt yourself along the very challenging way of transformation in the digital age. Not less impressive was the passion and dedication with which he shared his knowledge with all different attendees. I look forward to cooperate with Jim in the future."
"Jim Marous is a market opinion leader on financial services. He gets high level recognition from senior banking executives and has an inspirational spirit to break through new concepts and getting the best from people. Visionary and inspirational, Jim is a great energizer and never misses the opportunity to highlight breakthrough concepts. Not only a great speaker, he is also an excellent moderator and writer, providing great insights to bank decision makers."
"Jim is a phenomenal curator of all things banking. He's got his finger on emerging constructs and trends from an informational perspective, and he knows everyone that matters!‬"
"Jim is a knowledgeable and experienced financial services executive. He is bright and articulate and has strong presentation skills. Jim has presented information in our meetings on a number of occasions and is consistently very well-received. He knows the business and is very capable in clearly communicating a variety of information.‬"
"Jim Marous is a seasoned banker mixed with a little bit of start-up and a sprinkle of upstart. As a result, he's the perfect mix for any FinTech or Financial conference, and will easily provide an audience with an informed view and a worthwhile insight."
"Jim has forgotten more about financial services marketing than the average senior marketing executive has ever learned. He has a 360° view of marketing having worked both on the client and agency-side. Do yourself (and your bottom-line) a favour and get the sharpest mind in the biz working for you!"
“Jim took time to understand our customer segment needs and to tailor his message for our audience and provide fantastic insights to our attending customer. Our audience found Jim's session extremely valuable. Jim did all the homework to tie in the context and our need to deliver a compelling message. Jim is a great visionary and speaker who can help imagine the new digital world, i would definitely recommend Jim for any executive digital or Fintech event!”
"Jim’s presentation was one of our highest rated for content and style. An outstanding performance that our attendees loved. We will definitely invite him back."
"Jim has a tremendous global following in the financial services industry and is a very energetic presenter. We asked him to keynote our distribution conference and he also was a Moderator for a series of sessions. His understanding of the changes and disruption in the banking industry was delivered with case studies and anecdotes that kept our audience engaged. Jim was ranked as a top speaker at our event and we will be inviting Jim to present for us again soon."
"Jim Marous easily stood out as the “best of the best.” He is the most engaging and knowledgeable speaker I have seen on topics centered on the future of banking and the role digital will play. Jim is a master at engaging his audience and providing them information that will shape their thinking and help prepare them for the future of banking."
“Jim captivated our audience from moment he got on stage until the final slide. His presentation wasn’t simply fluffy trends, but provided deeper insights and analysis. Jim delivered the message in an approachable and inspirational manner, that had our attendees discussing his concepts late into the night! Thank you to Jim and the Provoke Management team for being a pleasure to work with and helping make the FinTech Generations conference a smashing success!”

"Jim Marous has the definitive view on how financial institutions and the startups that challenge them need to engage and win with their customers.”

“Jim can pull in the right stories, examples, strategies and facts you need to get your business changing fast to meet the coming digital disruption that we all face. He will move your audience forward with a global view and an engaging style."

"Jim is always one of the most requested and highest rated speakers at our events. He combines deep expertise from his research with a compelling delivery style."
"Jim's engagement style is relationship-based, focused on results-driven initiatives, provided with enthusiasm and an enjoyment to see new ideas come to fruition."
"As a voracious learner, Jim spends nights and weekends reading, studying and writing so that he can provide well thought out recommendations and strategic advice each and every day. Jim is truly one of the most passionate people that I have ever met, always giving his personal best."
"It's rare to meet someone who knows so much about all of the newest products, services, and emerging trends in the world of banking."
"Jim provided information and strategies our bankers could immediately implement to improve their institution’s bottom line. Jim was a delight to work with and his positive attitude is very refreshing."
"Jim is adept at creating memorable presentations that are easy to follow and packed with interesting and appropriate information. I am always thrilled when Jim agrees to speak for us!"
"Jim Marous is one of the world’s greatest fintech minds and a first-rate speaker on issues related to the future of financial services. He spoke at our recent conference in Nairobi and literally stole the show. If you are looking for a leading authority for your next banking conference – one who could wow your audience with great content and superb delivery – look no further."
"Jim is one of my favorite people to work with. We’ve partnered with him for both live events as well as webinars and he always exceeds our expectations in terms of preparation, promotion and the content he shares. Jim brings a strong social presence and a very loyal following of people in the financial services industry who flock to hear him speak on a very broad set of topics. If you are looking for a great speaker that you can count on to show up fully prepared to share dynamic content and draw larger audiences to your event, Jim Marous should be one of your first phone calls."
"Jim has a wide range of advanced digital banking knowledge and high level of detailed expertise and trusted resource. He was influential in leading a digital banking roundtable and served as a panelist at our digital onboarding event."

"Not only does he possess an in-depth knowledge of all things digital banking, he’s terrific to work with-- organized, approachable and responsive. We’re fortunate to have Jim as a resource as he’s elevated and enhanced several of our digital banking workshops and meetings. We look forward to continuing to work with Jim at future Kofax/Lexmark events."

"Eyes wide open. Full audience engaged as Jim Marous, one of the top financial bloggers/influencers took the stage to enlighten us on how digital and payment disruptors are affecting banks in fast growing markets. Jim delivered a provocative, stimulating, audience engaging talk that left many of our audience members examining their own institutions for change. Jim’s professionalism and expertise on the topic were second to none. It was indeed an honour and a rare privilege to have Jim as our guest speaker."